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The Rise of Multimedia Magazines

Multimedia Magazines


I’ve always been a fan of magazines, mainly because of the glossy appearance, the colorful pages and the free samples inside. I was always subscribed to at least two and I loved the easiness of having them sent to my home. To this day, I still have my favorite one sent to me, Motor Trend Magazine. I think I’ll always love having a physical copy of this one, but I’ve also become a fan of the multimedia magazines. Some websites even have the sound of turning the page as you go from article to article. It’s definitely cool to have this kind of audio on there.

Magazines almost had no choice but to go multimedia because of the decrease in sales, the same goes for newspapers. Physical magazines and newspapers declined in popularity because of the Internet. Information is cheaper and easier to get a hold of on the Internet, especially when accessed through mobile devices. Here are some magazines that jumped on this trend to save or better themselves.

The New York Times Magazine

The New York Times Magazine is available online. The online version differs from the original version in numerous ways. For one, there are lots more colorful photos included, definitely more appealing to the eye. Another difference is the videos. There are videos on top of videos on top of videos. You can decide to read the news articles, or you can watch the videos offered! With the news articles posted online, readers can easily comment their input as well.

Boating Magazine

The online version of Boating Magazine has its perks! I love the buyers guide videos, along with how to videos. It’s news, advice and tutorials all in one. There’s also a section with safety tips and interactive safety quizzes and games.

Forbes Magazine

When going to Forbes Magazine online, you’re presented with a quote of the day. I think it’s a cool feature to have without being too intrusive like an advertisement pop-up. In fact, there’s even a link that you can click that lets you have a say in what advertisements are displayed. You also have access to newsletters and reports.


As you can see, multimedia magazines have a great deal to offer. From more colorful photos to informative videos, from different types of audio to interactive quizzes and games. Plenty of magazines have made a great transition over to online magazines, and I’m glad journalists still have a platform to thrive. News will never go out of style. Plus, the Internet is bigger than a magazine. More articles can be published and people can share these articles on their social media accounts. This allows for even more exposure!

Here’s a video about creating your own magazines online. Take a look and go for it!